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🐇 LangChain Swift

A langchain copy, for ios or mac apps. I built an open source library to accelerate AI feature development.

  • Build QA bot.
  • Build AI Agent.
  • Build Chatbots.
  • Build Router app.


Let's choose your favorite app and explore it with pleasure.



  • You can select a file or create a file.
  • You can preview the whole file.
  • You can add new keys, in an array or another dictionary.
  • You can use dictionaries and arrays as containers.
Convict Conditioning Pro

Convict Conditioning

  • Recommend the next action with AI technology
  • From Fitness coach Hare highly recommended Style tough, we need is to have the power of App!
  • From Fitness coach James highly recommended When we talk about health , we actually talking about will.
  • From Fitness coach teacher che highly recommended


  • Inspect logs of any containers in realtime!
  • View / Update almost any resources via YAML.
  • Support managing multiple clusters.
  • Supported authentication providers, Kube Config, AWS IAM Authenticator (EKS), Aliyun etc.

Invest Dash

  • All assets at a glance.
  • Analyze your assets using the classic algorithm of 100 minus age.
  • Trends in Individual Assets.
  • Automatically calculate exchange rates for assets, Units of individual assets can be different from the total.
  • Trends in the amount of assets and the amount of each type of asset.
  • Export asset details as a file, protecting your data with biometrics.

Private Library

  • You can browse the eBook in Calibre.
  • Monitor the health status of Calibre content services in real time.
  • You can sort e-books based on different criteria.
  • View the details of the eBook.
  • Different libraries can be switched, just like a real bookshelf.
  • You can switch between different content servers.

AI Summary

  • Summarize the gist of the YouTube video
  • Automatically added to the list
  • Favorite and view the list of favorites

AI Pagily

  • Summarize the content of the Web Page
  • Automatically added to the list
  • Favorite and view the list of favorites

B 站 AI 总结

  • 总结哔哩哔哩视频的要点
  • 自动添加到列表中
  • 收藏和查看收藏夹列表
  • 分享视频和摘要


  • 通过图片自动识别题目(拍试卷/图片库中保存的图片)
  • 同时支持生成中文/英文作文
  • 满足题目要求的字数

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New York,United States


Yamler is an excellent app for tracking and managing personal finances. I have been using it for a few months now, and it has completely transformed the way I handle my money. The app's user-friendly interface makes it easy to input expenses and monitor budgets. It also provides detailed reports and visualizations, allowing me to analyze my spending habits and plan for the future. One of my favorite features is the ability to set financial goals and track my progress towards them. Overall, Yamler has helped me become more mindful of my finances and stay on top of my money goals. I highly recommend giving it a try!”.

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InvestDash is a must-have app for anyone interested in tracking their investments and staying updated on the stock market. As an avid investor, I rely on this app to provide real-time market data, news, and portfolio analysis. The app's intuitive interface makes it easy to monitor my investments, set up watchlists, and receive personalized alerts. I also appreciate the app's comprehensive financial news section, which keeps me informed about market trends and helps me make informed investment decisions. InvestDash is a game-changer for any investor, and I cannot imagine managing my portfolio without it.”.

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KubeCat is a delightful app that brings the joy and cuteness of cats directly to your smartphone. As a cat lover, I couldn't resist downloading this app, and it has exceeded my expectations. KubeCat offers a large collection of high-quality cat photos, gifs, and videos that never fails to put a smile on my face. I also love the app's built-in cat soundboard, which allows me to play various cat sounds and entertain my own furry friends. The app's sleek design and easy navigation make it a pleasure to use. If you need a dose of cat cuteness in your life, KubeCat is the purr-fect app for you!”.

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